Cheetau Lodge


Disclaimer: Prices on the menu are subject to change, and the pricing on the menu in the restaurant is the most up-to-date price that will be charged.

Our Restaurant

Open from 9AM to 19h30
Monday to Sat

Sundays Lunch from 12AM to 2PM

Please note we will update the site with our specials from time to time.


Early Bird                                           @R35

Egg, Mince & Toast                            @R45

Egg Omelette                                      @R95

Eggs Benedict                                     @R95

Chicken Livers                                          @R65

Chicken Nuggets & Chips                       @R45

Garlic Bread                                              @R30

Toasted Sandwiches

  • Add ons                                                  @R10
  • Bacon, avo, egg

Pap & Nama                                               @R95

Pap & Kaings                                              @R95

Baskets                                                        @R110

Gatsby                                                          @R120

Burgers                                                         @R70

Porterhouse & Chips / Salad                     @R135

T-Bone & Chips / Salad                               @R155

Eisbein                                                           @R135

Chicken & Prawn Curry                               @R120

Chicken Salad                                                @R90

Malva                                                              @R45

Chocolate volcano                                        @R45

Ice Cream                                                       @R35

Richelieu                                             @R20

KWV 3year                                          @R20

Klipdrift                                               @R20

Smirnoff Vodka                                  @R20

Cane                                                     @R20

Gordons Gin                                       @R18

Six Dogs Gin                                        @R40

Malfy Gin                                             @R40

Captain Morgan Rum                        @R20

Red Heart Rum                                   @R25

J&B Whiskey                                        @R25

Jameson                                               @R30

Bells                                                      @R20

Jack Daniels                                         @R30

Hunters                                                @R25

Savanna                                               @R30

Black Label                                          @R20

Windhoek draught                             @R30

Castle light1                                         @R20

Americano                                          @R25

Cuppacino                                           @R35

Hot Chocolate                                     @R30

Café Latte                                             @R35

Tea                                                         @R20   

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